Design & Build

“Give me a lever, and I will move the world”

– Archimedes, Greek mathematician.

“Give us an empty room, and we will fill it with your dreams”


Design & Build is our core competency. As Design & Build contractors, we take on complete responsibility of transforming any empty space into a functional and aesthetic place, that suits its purpose perfectly.

Right from visualizing, designing, planning & execution we handle it all. We work with independent service providers and contractors as well as vendors to achieve the final product, but at all times, assume complete responsibility of the deliverables.

As a Design Build Specialist, these are the things we take care of-

Designing Services

Our biggest strengths in this area are -

Experience with Diverse Spaces

Whether it’s a corporate tech-park; a doctor’s office; a bank office or an artist’s studio, MIPL’s experiences ranges across the board. This equips us to best understand and also provide our client’s needs.

Highly Customised

No two offices are the same. Our personalised approach deals with the nitty-gritties of each business requirement and also the nature and limitations of the space to provide unique and well-suited solutions to any challenges you may have.

Functionality AND Aesthetics

Your office is more than just a place of work, it’s a reflection of your company’s values. It embodies your ambition and sets the tone and impression for anyone who walks in. We understand this and our Design & Build system, ensures not just a superbly smooth-functioning space, but also a visual and aesthetic masterpiece!