MIPL are excellent and high-quality service providers. They make no compromises, and understand the value of timeliness in projects like these.

- Abhishek Memani, M3 Design Studio

Working with MIPL is extremely smooth and easy. Their team is always well-informed and they have systems in place for everything

Manikandan, The Madras Design Works 

Usually architects and design build contractors find it hard to see eye-to-eye, but working with MIPL, this was not the case. They truly understand the nitty-gritties of construction, and keep client requirements as top priority

– Sathish, SARKS


We have worked with many design & build contractors before, and many can be very difficult when it comes to being flexible. These guys put in the effort to be creative solution providers everywhere

- Kishore Panikar,  ArchRED.

arch red

Normally when clients do not understand much about construction, communicating with them can be quiet difficult. But with MIPL acting on their behalf, it made our job much easier and smoother

- Rajith Mehtras, Methras Design 

They explained requirements clearly, and were available whenever needed for clarifications. Great experience working with them!

- Prakash (HVAC), VRV Engineers  

MIPL is very particular about standard and quality. They know how to get a job done, and are very specific and clear in their communication

- Vishal (Modular Furniture / lighting), Wipro

One of the best things about MIPL is that they treat all partners and vendors with great respect – whether we are working with them for small or large projects. Look forward to working with them again

- Sampath (Modular Furniture), V3 Engineers 

I have been working with MIPL since the start and they are one of the best partners to work with. Clear in their requirements, and offer all kinds of timely support

- Kotesh (Modular Furniture), Monarch

MIPL is very experienced and knowledgeable with all aspects of HVAC – whether it is a small space or large, they know exactly what the challenges are of heating & cooling. This makes it easy to work with them

- Sumith Bothra (HVAC), Ozone Vac

They are very professional; and that encourages us to be professionals as well

- Gautam (Chairs) Ayter

Working with MIPL for a long time now. They expect the best, but also give you their best. They also understand constraints and challenges of every aspect of building, offering timely support and feedback

- Kotesh (Chairs), Meeryfair/Monarch 

Working with clients who don’t understand or have enough knowledge of how electrical systems work can be very difficult. But with MIPL in the mix – we do not have to worry about all that. They take care of this aspect so that we can focus on our job.

MIPL knows exactly what kind challenges are faced when furnishing a space, and make reasonable demands and changes along the way. They are flexible, and encourage creative solutions and different approaches while we work on their projects.

-Ravi (Chairs),Herman Miller/Buildkraft

We have been working with MIPL for several years. They have always come out with creative solutions that fit with our budget. They are responsive, resourceful, and our trusted partner. MIPL has  supported us even during times of crisis such as the floods in Chennai in December 2015 and again during the Vardah Cyclone in 2016."

- Enerji Group